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SJB Hotels Granville Ohio, What We Do

A Leading Hotel Management Company

SJB Hotel Companies is a proven leader in hotel management, committed to delivering the most significant impact with laser-focused attention to detail.
We are based in Athens, Ohio and provide hotel development and management services to hotels in Ohio and West Virginia. SJB offers innovative and strategic hospitality solutions that empower hotel businesses to capture new markets, achieve remarkable guest experiences, and maximize revenues and asset growth. 


  • Site Selection Identification
  • Establishing Brand Relationships
  • Securing Financing for New Builds and Renovations
  • Hiring Contractors & Hotel Management and Operations Staff
  • Managing Pre-Opening Operations-Getting Your Property Open in a Timely Manner
  • Implementing Digital Platforms for Effective Daily Operations-ZOHO CRM Customized for Hotel Sales & Operations.
  • Creating Human Resource Policies, Manuals, & Procedures
  • Daily & Monthly Financial Performance Tracking
  • Managing Daily Hotel Operations
  • Selling Hotels-Choosing a Broker and Handling Negotiations with Potential Buyers.
  • Due Diligence Reviews
  • SJB Hotels has customized ZOHO's 20+ award winning applications into fully customized strategy for hotel owners and management companies.
  • Our custom dashboards provides owners and management companies a real time visual display of all the most relevant components of their properties.
  • The cloud-based platform increases communication and allows for easy oversight and access at the property and management company levels.


Enhances hotel sales strategies by using Zoho CRM platform to schedule, document, and record all aspects of the sales process. A robust platform of operational and sales reports allows owners, investors, and lenders to have access to all aspects of the hotel's operations including:

  • Online File Management
  • Intracompany Communications
  • Guest Relations
  • Inventory Controls
  • Daily Operations Reporting
  • HR training and Certifications
  • Budgets and P&L Statements
  • Project Management